Long Weekend

With temps in the 70’s in mid-February, how could you not have a great 3-day weekend? We stayed local since my dad is still working on our bathroom. Now I know why we put off remodeling our only full-bathroom for so long. It’s been interesting all sharing the half-bath and skirting back and forth to my parents’ house to bathe. Now that the tile is down we can shower. Fingers crossed that tomorrow the toilet goes back in so I don’t have to walk downstairs to pee in the middle of the night (month 8 of pregnancy, you know how that goes).

We did the playground circuit; even discovering a recycled tire playground at the state park we had no idea existed. Bud is a happy kid when he can run free outdoors. His natural athleticism shocks me. The donor was in the army and is a personal trainer, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Coordination and brute strength are not things that I’m known for.

Today, I had a nice mom/son day with him on my day off. We went to an indoor children’s play space. I just have to brag about how great he did in a wide open space with lots of other children. Even 7 months ago he would have become overstimulated and run around like wild- hitting and knocking down other children in his way. Today, he played with everything there, and interacted with older, same-age, and younger children as he rotated to different stations. He maintained appropriate personal space for the most part, did not grab toys, kept his hands to himself, and easily moved on when some of the older (elementary school aged) boys struggled to share toys and space with him. I’m so happy to see how much his social skills have developed since he’s been at school. The transition to full-time this month has been seamless. Today just goes to show how calm and regulated he really can be when toys are available to him (unlike at that stupid party with the toys hidden under the fitted bed sheet- but I’ve let that go).

To top it all off, during his nap time I treated myself to a solo lunch date. The spouse works from home, so I am very lucky to have been able to do this. There is nothing more serene than having a quiet, cozy lunch by yourself.


The fireplace was a little too toasty for a warm day, but I couldn’t resist the ambiance.

Let’s Get Frank

Tuesday we had our 32 week sonogram. Little Bloom looks great. She was covering her face with her hands so we couldn’t get a very good look at her face, but we could tell that she has the same head shape as her brother. Our favorite lesbian sonographer let us know that she also appears to have quite a bit of hair. It’s amazing what they can see, because it all looks like a bunch of blobs to me.

The not so great news is she’s in a frank breech position, meaning her butt is sitting in my pelvis and her feet are up by her head. My OB said hopefully by 35 weeks she will be head down and didn’t seem that concerned that she was breech. Of course an OB has no problem slicing and dicing me up to extract the baby, so why would she be concerned? I’m trying not to worry about it and have been reading Spinning Babies. I haven’t tried any techniques yet until I read some more and have time to watch some videos. I also messaged my doula for some support and resources.

I want to find some success stories to keep me hopeful. I’d be pretty pissed to pay hundreds of dollars for a doula just to have her watch a c-section, but I suppose the spouse will benefit from the moral support and she will still help us in the room after birth. I will stay positive no matter what. Most important is having a healthy baby girl. My mom had to have c-sections with my brother and I- vaginal birth was never an option for her due to her disability. She gave me a pep talk yesterday, which helped. Accepting all the possibilities is an important part of cleansing my fears prior to birth. I just wish Bloom wasn’t so darn stubborn- I swear shes been in this position the whole time. I call it her little hole since I always feel her way down in my pelvis. She’s too comfy there to want to flip.

One technique is playing music for the baby, what music do you think would coax a baby to flip around for? My supervisor suggested classical. I haven’t noticed Bloom kicking to any particular type of music the way that Bud did to soul music.

Getting There

There are nine weekends left before baby girl’s due date. None of those can be squandered, so we really made some gains this past weekend. Here’s the status of our pre-baby checklist:

  • Baby girl nursery: I ordered some pink canvas bins to store blankets, burp clothes, and other linens in her closet. They arrived today and it helps make it look much nicer. I will probably get two more to store books. I’ve never cared for the color pink, but with baby blue walls I’m going a little nuts pinking out everything else in the room so it transforms from Bud’s nursery to Bloom’s. I also started assembling supplies to make hot air balloons to hang from the ceiling. This is a Pinterest idea and don’t worry- win or fail, I will post pictures.
  • Bud’s big boy room: I wish I had taken a before picture of the “hoarder room,” so I can show you the before and after. I made a lot of progress organizing the baby gear and toys that were haphazardly thrown in there and the spouse helped haul out the bags of trash vs. donate. On Friday I couldn’t walk two feet into the room without stumbling over something, now it’s pretty much ready to be primed and painted. I just have to go through some of the mementos we have stored in the room. I have stuff from high school, college, our dating life, wedding, baby shower and first birthday cards. All sorts of crap I feel guilty tossing but honestly have no idea why I’m keeping it all other than the smiles we have when we come across these items every couple years.
  • Bathroom remodel: The spouse and my father-in-law almost broke their backs hauling the new vanity upstairs on Sunday. It’s currently sitting in our bedroom because we first need to pick our tile for my dad to install. The reason we jumped the gun with the vanity was it was an amazing deal that was going to sell out quickly. Who doesn’t want a bathroom vanity in their bedroom?
  • Preschool: I didn’t mention this on my last checklist, but we’d like to find a new preschool for Bud in the fall. We currently love his preschool/daycare and his teacher, but when he graduates from the two’s to the three’s classroom he will have a new teacher who we are not thrilled about. He is a sloppy, disheveled man who looks like he rolled out of a dirty laundry pile. The spouse has peaked into his classroom and confirmed our gut feeling that his class is very disorganized. Bud’s loves the kids in his class, so we are sad to uproot him, but an unstructured class will be the worst thing for him. We attended a preschool fair on Sunday to explore some other options. We found a few that seem worth checking out, but they won’t be as close and convenient as his current place. They may be a bit less expensive, which would be a plus.

The big preschool news, however, is today was his last day at my parents’ house. Tomorrow he transitions to full-time preschool/daycare. I think he’s ready for it, he really has thrived since he’s been going part-time. My parents provided him with an amazing foundation. The kid has known his alphabet (reading both upper and lower case letters) and how to count to 20 since he was 18 months. He knows how to use a screwdriver (thanks Grandpa) and how to help make his sandwiches. We’re very fortunate to have been able to save money and have him with family since he was an infant. They had us over for dinner tonight and threw him a graduation ceremony- including a cap, diploma, and pomp and circumstance. He was so proud of himself. He’s going to miss them, but luckily we live 5 minutes away- so it will be easy to swing by and get his Nana and Grandpa fix when needed.

30 Weeks

Half way through week 30 now- where is time going? I never got that dreaded call from the OB office following my 3 hour glucose tolerance test, so I’m assuming that means I don’t have GD. I go to my appointment in a few hours, so I’ll get confirmation.

This week seems to be the turning point with end of pregnancy misery symptoms creeping in. Hip pain starting? Check. Sore pelvic region? Check. Flipping myself over like a burger every 20 minutes in bed? Check. Getting out of breath walking up the stairs? Check. Overall large and uncomfortable feeling? Check. I’ve also been having bad lower back pain on my left side, which I have self-diagnosed as sciatica. My co-workers wince in sympathy as I hobble to the copier and bathroom.

So where are we on the baby prep checklist?:

  • Nursery: We got a dresser/changing table combo and my wonderful father spent hours assembling it and mounting to the wall. Since Buds is still in the nursery he has already tested out how sturdy of a job Grandpa did. He also has been making sure all of the drawers work properly. We took the unsafe dresser out of the nursery almost a year ago when we converted his crib to the toddler bed, so drawers are a novelty. I just put his clothes in it last night and I’m afraid when I come home from work each day they will be littered around his room. There is still decorating to do, we’ve opted to keep the baby blue walls and do a hot air balloon theme. I need to get my etsy on.
  • Big Boy Room: This is the big project because the big boy room is also known as the hoarder room. It has always been our space to stash everything. I need to go through and sort through stuff to trash, donate, and find a new home for. Then we need to paint, sell the unsafe furniture, buy/mount a child-friendly dresser, decorate, and start moving him in. The major progress we have made is get rid of the queen-size mattress that was on the floor and the spouse scored a rad car bed for him.
  • Bathroom Remodel: We have one full bathroom in our house and it was the one room the previous owner didn’t even try to upgrade. Well that’s not fair to say, he did shoddily throw up a bath fitter. I’m scared to know what’s underneath. We affectionately refer to this bathroom as the “gross bathroom,” because no matter how much you clean it, it still looks just as dirty as when you started. When my dad was over helping last weekend he took down the 1980’s glass shower doors and put up a shower curtain which has made a huge difference. The spouse got a fancy LED shower head and installed it. We’ve also picked out a new vanity and back splash. Hopefully this weekend we’ll get to the paint store. After 6 years in this house, we are making progress!
  • Baby Girl Wardrobe: The spouse initially thought this would be solely my project since she has preferred boy’s/men’s clothing her entire life, but even she has found a thrill in scoring brand new baby girl clothes at the thrift store. One of us purchased a pink tutu, hint it wasn’t me. We still aren’t quite there with having nearly enough clothes, but I’ll hit up the mom swap group the closer it gets to April.

I think the rest of the prep is mental and emotional. I’ll spend some time exploring that in another post.

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

After three posts of over-processing my accused failures as a parent, I’m ready to move forward. Before all this happened I was planning to tell you about our Christmas, which was magical. There was also a magical pile of cardboard boxes stacked high up on my porch for days because of the delayed recycling pick up due to the holiday. Yes, we are those neighbors. Luckily, I haven’t trimmed the hedges out front since getting pregnant so it wasn’t as obvious from the street. Those neighbors, yeah.

Two years and five months is the perfect age for Christmas. While last year he was definitely into opening presents, this year he understood the concept of Santa. We finally coughed up the $40 for the privilege of getting a non-smiling picture of my toddler with the mall Santa. He was really happy to meet Santa, but he was so engaged with giving high-fives and telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas that it was too much to ask for a smile. Not sure what he was telling Santa, usually when we’d ask what he wanted Santa to bring him, he’d quickly look around the room and name what he saw. “New door, new dog, new socks, new glasses.” The dog is quite relieved that Santa didn’t bring a new dog for Christmas, but he did bring some novelty sun glasses that were played with for 3 seconds then never seen again.

The most heartwarming moment of all though was on Christmas morning when he saw that Santa left him a note thanking him for the milk and cookies. He grinned the biggest grin and was so proud. Made my heart soar. The Christmas routine went well this year and I didn’t get the annual Christmas guilt trip from my mother about what time we were coming over. That was a nice reprieve. Everything just went really nice and I feel like we’ve really settled into the new Christmas traditions with our family, my family, and my in-laws.

Baby girl is moving my belly around a little bit now. The spouse kind of, sort of, maybe felt her kick last night. We’ll keep trying. I booked my doula and mailed the deposit check yesterday, so it is getting real. 87 more days to go.

Other happy exciting news, my brother and his boyfriend got engaged. The spouse effectively has less than a year and a half to get over her fear of flying across country because I am not driving to California with a dog, a 3.5 year old and a 1 year old. Not happening. Stay tuned in 2018 for the post about how I barely survived a 5 hour flight with a dog, a 3.5 year old, and a 1 year old.